A Day Tour Of St Lucia Within The Caribbean

A Day Tour Of St Lucia Within The Caribbean

Our tour of Car rental st lucia. Lucia was cut up into halves. The morning by coach and a day on a catamaran with a cease for swimming and snorkeling; rum punches available for the asking. The coach tour via the rain forest provides you an idea of the plush growth. Plenty of bamboo with branches inches thick competing for house with climbing plants interspersed with spice trees. An fascinating side of this tour was the stop at a former planter's house on the Balembouche estate.

Whereas as many as 500 workers had as soon as worked the plantation, now there are few; in part as a result of change in social local weather and the trend to a more democratic society. We got a cooling drink of guava juice, which we sipped while wandering around the house or slipping by the shade of the grounds. We contemplated attempting the bamboo ladder for gathering coconuts, however instead inspected the still; once used for distilling rum from the sugar cane.

Huge good red flowers of the flamingo tree competed with the bougainvillaea in five different colours; and a Banyan tree displayed its multiple roots above the ground. Botanical gardens are a characteristic of most of the islands. On this event we noticed a humming fowl of light and dark turquoise.

For a complete distinction our information took us to the Sanfriere volcano with effervescent mud swimming pools and smoke from the sulphur springs. A half-day bus tour is long enough in a tropical climate. The breaks within the journey were welcome but none a lot as the cooling journey back to the ship on a catamaran.

The indigenous wildlife on the island includes the boa constrictor - which we were assured was more afraid of us then we of him - also iguanas and lizards. A poisonous snake - the ferdinance - stated to kill a man in 7 hours, was brought from S Africa to be able to help control the slaves and forestall them escaping. Actually the snake turned on the slave owners themselves and the mongoose was introduced in to eradicate them. Two mongeese are required to kill a snake; one at the tail and one at the head. Typically the snake would kill both. The mongeese have realized from the ordeals and now chickens have develop into their favorite food.