St Lucia Climate - Best And Worst Months To Go

St Lucia Climate - Best And Worst Months To Go

St. Lucia weather attracts vacationers to this lush and beautiful Caribbean island many of the year, however there are months when it is sensible to avoid visiting there.

The island is well-liked with cruise guests specifically because of its parks, volcano, rain forest hikes and of course the beaches.

Like other Caribbean destinations, it has a high rate of trip visitors from December via May, a mix of visits in the course of the summer time and a steep drop-off in September and October in the course of the Caribbean hurricane season.

The hurricane season formally runs from June 1 by way of November 30, nevertheless it peaks in September and October when the region typically sees the highest number of storms, hurricanes and the accompanying heavy rains.

St. Lucia weather in February to May is a part of a definite dry season while June to December is a part of a wet season.

Average Temperatures

The typical high temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the typical low temperature is seventy six degrees year-spherical, based on the St. Lucia Meteorological Service.

The common monthly highs and lows differ by only two degrees, making the temperatures constant all through the year. The peak temperature on any someday not often exceeds 93 degrees or falls below seventy two degrees.

The island is located in the northeast Trade Wind belt. Cooling winds coming from the east common sixteen miles an hour. The windiest months final from January to July.

Guests during cool months ought to consider staying at resorts or hotels away from the japanese side of the island to have a more comfortable stay.

Common Rainfall

The island's lush green progress is due to moderately heavy rainfall, which averages 4.6 inches a month. (The arid Aruba averages only 1.three inches a month.)

St. Lucia's rainfall ranges from a low of inches in February to a high of 7.8 inches in the main hurricane and tropical storm months of September and October.

St. Lucia has more rain days than the typical Caribbean vacation spot at 17 days per month. They range from a low of 12 days in April to a high of 20 or more days in July by way of November.

Rainfall is heaviest within the mountainous exterior and lightest alongside the coast.

Best Times to Go

Vacationers who need to choose one of the best time to go to St. Lucia would increase their chances of experiencing good weather by stepping into December by way of May.

One of the best instances to keep away from Car hire st lucia. Lucia are the late summer time and early fall months because of a a lot higher probability of rain, tropical storms and a small chance of a nearby hurricane.